Somin recognizes that for the success of the company safe, effective and efficient project execution is essential. Somin integrated Management System i sas such developed and implemented to contribute to this success. The Integrated System meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008EN 1090ISO 3834-2 and VCA 2008/5.1.

In addition to above, Somin requires that our employees are competent and fit for duty by ensuring that our employees are able to perform their specific tasks, actions or functions successfully.

Somin is committed to the ultimate objective to have no harm to personnel and the environment during the execution of its activities. It is Somin’s belief that this can be achieved by:

  • A visible Leadership that promotes and supports a pro-active HSE culture, outstanding HSE performance and manages this as a line responsibility with clear authorities and accountabilities.
  • The clear responsibility that everyone has the obligation to stop the job when it is not safe. No job is that important that it cannot be done safely.
  • Controlling the risks with a broad Risk Management system ranging from the overall / corporate Risk Inventory and Evaluation up to the Last Minute Risk Assessment prior start of an activity
  • The provision of the right tools and equipment required to the activities to be executed.
  • Managing Subcontractors and Suppliers to ensure that their activities meet Somin Srl requirements as a minimum.
  • Consultation of employees about HSE related subjects by means of recognized representation and meetings
  • Compliance with applicable law and contractually committed requirements as a minimum.
  • Implementation of applicable Lessons Learnt.
  • Systematic identification, assessment and management of changes.
  • Continuous Improvement by assessing Somin’s HSE Performance on a regular interval.